When a student is injured or becomes ill at school, the clinic is available temporarily until the parent can be contacted.  The clinic is staffed by school personnel and volunteers are scheduled as needed.

Each student must have an up-to-date emergency data card completed by the parent on file in the clinic.  If you are interested in becoming a clinic volunteer, please contact the school office.


No school official or teacher shall dispense any type of medication to students unless a student's health is dependent upon medical aid.  The state requires that we have a "Permission for Medication" form completed and on file for over-the-counter and prescription medications.  Medication must be administered by following these regulations:

  1. Prescription medication must be brought to school in the original, pharmacy labeled container.  The container shall display:
    • Student's name
    • Licensed prescriber's name
    • Prescription number
    • Pharmacy name, address, and phone number
    • Medication name and dosage
    • Date
    • Administration route or other directions
  2. All prescriptions for long-term medications shall be renewed at least annually.
  3. Changes in prescription medication shall have written authorization from the licensed prescriber.
  4. All non-prescription  drugs given in school shall be brought in with the manufacturer's original label with the ingredients listed and the child's name affixed to the container.
  5. Our "Permission or Medication" form must be filled out and kept on file.

Stephanie Cousins

Titles: School Nurse