Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Morning Arrival by Car...

  • Student can be dropped off at the front or back of the school.
  • All cars roll into the curbside single lane of the unloading zone along the awning.  Children exit the car on the sidewalk side.  The car moves around the loop to exit.
  • Pull all the way forward to the furthest green cone.
  • Please have your child exit on the sidewalk side.
  • Prepare the students to exit the cars quickly.  Have the students practice releasing their seat belts on their own.
  • Please do not exit the car.

Morning Arrival - Walking in with Student...

  • You are invited to walk into the building with your student to take them to class before 8 a.m.
  • Classrooms do not open until 7:35 a.m.
  • There are four open doors to enter through:
    • Davis Street cafeteria entrance
    • Gym front entrance
    • Office front entrance
    • Courtyard entrance in the back of the school
  • Please use the crosswalks.  Do not cross in front of traffic or outside the crosswalks.

Afternoon Dismissal by Car...

  • Student dismissal is at 2:40 p.m.
  • All cars roll into the loading zone (beside the awning).  Single lane only.  Students will enter the car from the sidewalk side of the car.  Cars exit the loading zone.
  • Please stay in your car.  Teachers will load students into the car as they arrive.
  • Dismissal supervision is from 2:40 to 3:05 p.m.  All students will be moved to the office at 3:05 p.m. and phone calls will be made to parents/guardians.

Afternoon Dismissal - Walking Up...

  • If you are walking up to the front benches to meet your student, your car should be parked in a parking spot either in the loop or along the street in designated parking spots.

Change in Transportation...

  • Any changes in transportation for your student must be communicated to the teacher. 
  • We will not release your student to anyone that is not on the approved list you provide.