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Students experimenting

A strong elementary program addresses the needs of the whole child and the needs of society for well-rounded, productive citizens. Our goals at Sam Houston reflect all areas of development, including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical. We achieve these broad goals primarily through the instructional objectives of our curriculum, and because children “learn what they live,” we organize and structure classrooms to facilitate attainment of these goals.

Maryville City Schools’ elementary curriculum is a plan for teaching your children the skills they will need to live in and contribute to society. We believe that all children can learn, and that each child is different. Thus, the curriculum is continually being revised to provide each child a challenge to learn the continuum of skills and concepts. The skills and concepts covered are much more than basic; they constitute a very thorough and carefully sequenced program of instruction. Each classroom teacher has detailed lists of the basic skills he/she teaches at that grade level and will show them to you if you express an interest. 

Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Life Skills, and STEM are all important to our students’ development, and we operate full programs in these areas based on a written curricula. The major academic areas include reading, mathematics, English, science, and social studies.

Students are strategically placed in classes heterogeneously, with an intentional mix of various abilities, backgrounds, races, and sex.