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The Smokie Way

Rocky Top Lookout

  • Listen and Focus
    • Listen and use eye contact when others are talking.
    • Listen to understand.
    • Listen to and follow your teacher's directions and requests.
    • Keep your mind focused and be present during the learning activity.

Sugarlands of Integrity

  • Truth and Ownership
    • Tell the truth all the time.
    • Do the right thing even when no one is watching.
    • Own your choices and their consequences, and make a better choice next time.

Responsibility Post

  • Be Responsible and Take Initative
    • Follow the school and classroom procedures.
    • Look for what needs to be done and do it.
    • Do your part to keep our school looking its best.
    • Take care of our school's equipment.
    • Take care of your personal belongings.

Volunteer Service Landing

  • Help and Encourage
    • Be willing to help when help is needed.
    • Pay attention when help might be needed and then offer your help.
    • Look for times when you can share praise or encouragement.
    • Find your strength and use it to help others.

Pride Passage

  • Best Effort
    • Do your personal best.
    • Keep a positive attitude when you are learning.
    • Finish your work in the time your teacher gives you.
    • Listen to and use your teachers' ideas about how you can improve your work.

Cooperation Corner

  • Work Together
    • Share your ideas.
    • Do your part.
    • Understand and respect others' ideas.
    • Work together so that everyone is involved.
    • Use flexibility to work out disagreements quickly and then move on.

Ridge of Respect

  • Respect Others
    • Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Include everyone.
    • Respect others' feelings, bodies, and their things.
    • Respect others' friendships.
    • Celebrate others' successes.

Perseverance Peak

  • Believe in Yourself
    • Know that everyone is important.
    • Understand that making mistakes is a part of learning.
    • Learn from your mistakes.
    • Keep trying.
    • Ask questions when you do not understand.


The Smokie Way